About Early Intervention

New York City Early Intervention is a publically funded program, funded by New York State and county governments. 


Early Intervention is of no cost to families.  It is a confidential program in New York State.  Health insurance may be accessed for reimbursement for services provided to children receiving early intervention. Health insurance is not required to participate in the Early Intervention Program.  If services approved are delivered in a child care setting, or community location that require a fee, parents are responsible for paying for any associated costs relating to the location of services, such as the costs of a day care.


A child’s eligibility is determined through state-approved evaluators contracted with the local municipality.  If a child is found eligible for the Early Intervention Program, services are determined in collaboration with parents, an evaluation site representative, the service coordinator, and an Early Intervention Official Designee (EIOD) at the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) initial meeting.   During this meeting, services will be determined based on the needs of the child and concerns of the parents.  In conjunction with the municipality and available service providers, the service coordinator collaborates with the agency available to provide the authorized service.  Once a service provider is attained, individual therapists will call the parent to arrange time and location of services. Children are referred to Early Intervention through their local municipality. 


The following are the contact numbers for NYC regional offices.  For referrals or questions, please call:


NYC: 311 Queens: 718-480-2249 Brooklyn: 718-722-3310 Bronx: 718-410-4110 Staten Island: 718-420-5357 Manhattan: 212-436-0900 Westchester: (914)813-5094 Little Wonders, Inc. is a New York State approved Early Intervention provider, contracted to provide service coordination, evaluations, and services in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.