Early Intervention Terms of Reference

Early Intervention Terms of Reference


early-intervention-terms-of-referenceDevelopmental Delay:

A significant lag in the development of your infant or young child in different developmental domains (adaptive, cognitive, social-emotional, communication, physical).


Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP):

Written plan developed by the IFSP Team that details the child’s present levels of development, the family’s resources, priorities, and concerns, goals and objectives expected to be achieved through service provision to the child and family and the specific services needed to meet the unique needs of the child and family).


IFSP Team:

The IFSP Team is a multidisciplinary team that includes the parents, the early intervention service coordinator, assigned to the family and professionals from various disciplines (determined based upon the child’s needs).


Natural Environment:

All early intervention services must be provided in the natural environment, meaning in the home or at another location natural to a child.


Embedded Coaching:

Using ongoing, authentic, methods to understand child functioning in everyday routine activities, and embedding developmental interventions within those routine activities. Supports children’s primary caregivers (e.g., family members, child care providers) in applying developmental strategies in between professional visits. *


Collaborative Coaching:

Collaborative coaching is the focus of the intervention visit is to ensure that the important adults who are a regular part of the child’s life can and will effectively use developmental approaches in between visits. *